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  1. TODAY
Open House Tournament, Asado and Open Air Party at the GPC!

GPC-openhouse-FLYER-2014june8-finalFrom June 8th to 16th, the Geneva Polo Club is waiting for you for an amazing tournament!

GPC Drinks Party at Les Voiles

GPC-lesvoiles-FLYER-2014june7-finalOn Saturday, June 7th, let's meet at the Geneva Polo Club from 8pm for a great party!

Anniversary of the Argentina Revolution at San Jorge Polo & Military Club

IMG 8571-copyOn Sunday, May 25th , the San Jorge Polo & Military Club welcomed 250 persons to celebrate the 204 years of the Argentina Revolution.

Goodbye Coco

10178003 10152447264028578 4717896520429917013 nSad news: the doyen of La Margarita is gone after around 35 years of happy life. We will miss you Coco.

Chris Ashton: The pinnacle of my all too brief Polo career


Screen_Shot_2014-03-21_at_12.12.58_PM.pngI was in my late teens when I set my heart on rounding out my education at Oxford University before, as I then imagined, I returned to the family sheep farm. Why would a teenage Australian farm boy want to go to Oxford? Let us just say that, compliments of my schooling and university I was in thrall to one of Europe’s ancient seats of learning, the mother university of the English-speaking world; to its promise of chiming church bells, cloistered quadrangles, Gothic spires and cobblestone streets, of punting on the Cherwell and feisty dons.

Horacio Laffaye: a Polo Historian's take on Tanoira's Reflections


Screen_Shot_2014-03-19_at_12.36.37_PM.pngWhat are we to make of Tanoira's Reflections? How does it contribute to debate within the polo community behind closed doors? Will patron polo henceforth define how the game is played? Or is there another way forward? I put this to Dr Horacio Laffaye. 

Tang Dynasty Polo

Screen_Shot_2014-01-27_at_11.49.50_AM.png   TANG DYNASTY POLO

Medieval art from the golden age of Imperial China

Be it poetry, artworks or surviving polo grounds, everything points to imperial Persia, circa 500 B.C., as the genesis of polo, a court pleasure of the nobility and, as with other Asian empires in ancient times, crucial to honing the horsemanship of cavalry for mounted warfare. But who could tell you that under the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.), a thousand years later, China became the world’s leading polo nation?

Argentine Polo: the Irish contribution

Question: what is the best way to promote your country to the world? The answer, surely, is to show other countries an activity, whether music, theatre, sport or whatever, in which your own country excels.

Polo Equipment

1.HELMET Hard surface internally padded to protect players head. May have face guard.

2.SHIRT Polo Shirt
3.NUMBER To identify players and position in the team CASQUE Surface extérieure rigide, rembourré à l’intérieur, protège la tête des joueurs.

Polo Glossary

Words you need to know

The International Rules for Polo/Tournament Procedures


(a) The number of players is limited to 4 a side in all games.
(b) Players must be qualified to play under the Regulations and Rules of the host country of the event.
(c) Players shall play with the stick in the right hand.
(d) No individual shall participate as a player or official in any game, if under the influence of drugs, alcohol or ...

Polo History, Ancient Origins By Chris Ashton


The hill tribes of northern India, who bequeathed polo to their British rulers, were the custodians of a sport which had been played at least 2,500 years before at the court of the Persian Emperor Darius 1 (550-486 B.C.). (…)

In succeeding centuries, as armies ranged back and forth in retreat and conquest across the continent, polo was adopted by cavalries as a training exercise for mounted warfare, and by kings and emperors, shahs and sultans, khans and caliphs as a court pleasure.


Editor's choice

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Screen_Shot_2014-03-25_at_11.43.51_AM.pngIs the weakest player always the No. 4?

Not necessarily. The No. 1 and 4 positions are considered (…) 

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