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Origins & Rules

The International Rules for Polo/Tournament Procedures


(a) The number of players is limited to 4 a side in all games.
(b) Players must be qualified to play under the Regulations and Rules of the host country of the event.
(c) Players shall play with the stick in the right hand.
(d) No individual shall participate as a player or official in any game, if under the influence of drugs, alcohol or ...

any other substance, which may affect the ability to function. A player participating in any game under these rules consents, as a condition of participation, to blood, urine or other tests deemed appropriate by the host organisation.
(e) The aggregate handicap of a team must fall within the limits specified for an event. No team whose handicap is higher or lower than the specified limits shall be permitted to participate.
(f) Certain rules regarding eligibility and handicapping may vary from country to country and such rules must be obeyed when playing in that country.


(a) Substitution will be limited to players qualified and properly...

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