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Argentine Association of Polo's International Tournament


From April 6th to 8th, the AAP organized an international Polo Tournament in the "Catedral del Polo" of Buenos Aires. Four 21 to 22 goals handicap teams were taking part in this tournament: Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Rest of the World.

Argentina won the tournament by defeating all of its opponents and showing an obvious technical superiority. The Brazilian team, although not being victorious, can be congratulated for the great Fair-play  it shown during the game, and its nice attitude toward the public.




The teams:

Resto del mundo: Charlie Hanbury 5, Ollie Cudmore 4, Mark Tomlinson 7  y Malcolm Borwick 6. Total: 22.

Brasil: Joao Gaspar M. Bastos 5, Luiz Paulo M. Bastos 7, Angelo Antonio M. Bastos 5 y Carlos Francisco M. Bastos 4. Total: 21.

Argentina: Matías Torres Zavaleta 6, Juan Zubiaurre 3, Juan Ruiz Guiñazú (h) 6 y Facundo Sola 7. Total: 22.

Chile: Felipe Vercellino 2, José Rafael Zegers 5, José Donoso  y Jaime García Huidobro 8. Total: 22.


The pictures of the second day: