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A city tour to discover the walls and their secret

If the walls of Buenos Aires could talk, they would certainly tell us thousands of interesting stories. However, as the Argentina proverb said : for a good listener, only few words are necessary and he just have to look around him to realize that the city continues to talk to him.


As all big cities with a cultural life, Buenos Aires also gave birth to urban art after the fall of the military dictatorship. It has developed strongly after the 2001 economic crisis. Unlike the classic graffiti, urban art 'made in Buenos Aires' offers a kind of public therapy using positive messages and colors instead of the usual political messages or social discontent. An original and interesting way to discover the talent of local artists is to participate in the Graffitimundo tour, a project led by two young English girls who promote Argentine art around the world. It is a great opportunity to bring a different perspective on urban art. When weather is nice, Marina Charles guides you through Palermo to show different works from the talent of this urban culture. She will also lead you in various shops and art galleries where you can get some of these masterpieces.


There are also young people from all around the world. Louis Danjou, a French artist (better known under the name "Grolou") among others. If you go to the subway station Ministro Carranza, you may see on walls a color explosion made by him. Another French guy made Buenos Aires his playground. Olivier France, Parisian artist is not part of the collective Graffitimundo but he will surprise your eyes at a street corner of Palermo with its graffiti signed Doez. There are many ways to browse and watch a city. Its charm is often superficial, sometimes it is hidden, but will be discovered by someone who will take time to listen and watch carefully. So go for a walk and let you carry on the way of urban art.


For more information on graffitimundo: