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Tourism in Buenos Aires : Plaza Francia, an original trip


Tours are designed for foreigners who want to see the best places in town in a short time. But actually how many of these places show how we live in Buenos Aires ? What is the historical significance of its streets and its old buildings? Living here or not, we suggest you to learn more about Buenos Aires and to become for a few hours a tourist in your own town!


In one of the most beautiful place in the city, in the heart of Recoleta, is the "green lung" as know as "Plaza Francia". There are over 15,400 square meters of nature framed by cultural centers like the National Library, the Museum of Fine Arts and the University of Law. In the center of the square there is a monument that France offers to Argentina in 1910 in memory of the centenary of the Revolution of May. Renovated recently, it looks better than ever! Bins, benches and a new irrigation system were installed, the area has been reforested and an amphitheater was built as a space for artistic expression. Every Saturday, a lot of artisans display their creations. Many of them are very nice, like sandals handmade, photos and ethnic accessories.


This is a good place to find local sights and original gifts for your friends or just enjoying the ride and why not asking your future to a player of Tarot cards.

One of the most interesting places is the Recoleta Cemetery, next to the church of Pilar. This is one of the most important architectural works of the country with its marble mausoleums, the variety of styles and great national personalities who rests there, as Jose Hernandez, Eva Peron, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento and Adolfo Bioy. The place has received the status of "national heritage".


Interestingly, the cemetery has become one of the largest tourist attractions in the city. Every day hundreds of people walk in the aisles, camera in hand. Cross it creates a strange feeling, you walk between the marble mausoleums and suddenly you are in an art gallery observing every detail in the crypts and sculptures.

An original way to visit this neighborhood, and especially the cemetery, is to join one of the nightly visits such as "mysterious Buenos Aires." This tour tells stories of crime and urban legends. This visit is perfect for adventurous who dare to go alone, or with your friends or beloved! If you come during the day, you can sip a drink at La Biela (opposite the Church of Pilar), a bar / restaurant that brings, on its large terrace, country's political figures, artists, journalists and sportsmen. Before returning to your routine, take your camera, your map and walk in the town like you are a tourist!


For more information about "mysterious Buenos Aires" have a look on