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Hugh Dawnay's Tips

Major Hugh Dawnay is, indeed, the world authority on polo- the professor, the coach and, in many respects, an innovator who pioneered developments in polo that we now regard as obvious.” James Kennedy Waterford, 2003.
"Playmaker Polo is the best structured and most complete book ever written on how to play Polo and improve your game".
Hans Albrecht von Maltzahn, ex 4 goal player and now President of the German Polo Association.
This book contains 350 pages of dense and technical information.
Available Worldwide USA The Tackeria Britain : Riders and Squires, 8 Thackeray St London W8 5ET; 00442079374377.
Aside from numerous complimentary calls, letters and emails received by the author, the book is rated 5 stars on
Hugh Evans , founder of polo contacts calls it "Brilliant and favourite book".



How do you know if you are adjusting correctly and quickly enough when playing ? By the results you may reply. But it is possible to win playing badly and to lose playing well, and it is important to know that you can only play as well as you are allowed to.



For the purpose of illustrating this exercise, I will use as an example a group of six people. They should form up in a horizontal line, with the appointed playmaker positioned in one of the middle spots. If numbered from the left, No. 6 will be on the far right and No. 3 or No. 4 can be the playmaker, who is responsible for setting the speed and the direction for the figure of eight, to which the rest must conform.



The back rope tactic provides the greatest scope fr a No. 4 to playmake, while changing defense into attack.


A hook is necessary when you are in the 25% but it is clear that your relevant opponent has an advantage, in that it is too late for you to win a ride-off and not possible to look for a foul.