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The boundaries of a polo field


IMG_1654.gifWhat are the little boards that run the length of the field?

By definition, polo fields can be “boarded” or “unboarded”, the former preferred where spectators are in close proximity to the field to keep the ball in play and those chasing it from ending up in someone’s lap. 

Polo shirt history

maillotThe polo shirt creation dates back from the 19th century, when British army regiments were playing polo in chic, plain and formal military clothing. The use of a scarf crossing the chest was to distinguish one team from the other.

N'oubliez pas vos bottes !

bottes polo.1

During a polo tournament, if a polo player comes to the award ceremony without his boots, he can be immediately sanctioned. If the player does it again, he could be suspended from a match in the next tournament!