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Origins & Rules

Bike Polo

 48454516 teamoldThe origin of Bike Polo dated from the end of the 19th century. This discipline was played in grass and targeted a younger and less fortunate public than the traditional polo one. This sport was officially named “bike polo” during its adaptation in bitumen and particularly increased during the 2000’s.

Female Polo


polo_feminin.pngDuring the Tang Dynasty in Persia, queens and their maids played polo very well; for example, the Princess Shirin, Emperor Mauricio’s daughter, was well-known for her talents on this sport. From there, the female polo crossed the borders of the country, to reach India or China.

Beach Polo


2012-Miami-Beach-polo-91.jpgBeach Polo is a team sport and close variant of arena polo. A game of beach polo consists of two three-player teams as opposed to the usual four-player teams in field polo.