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    • Polo Tics by Chris Ashton (17)

      Correspondent for US Polo Players Edition.

      Australian-born Chris Ashton was a contributing author to Profiles in Polo: The Players Who Changed the Game (MacFarland & Co., USA, 2008) and author of Geebung: The Story of Australian Polo (1993).



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    • Hugh Dawnay's Tips (51)

      Major Hugh Dawnay is, indeed, the world authority on polo- the professor, the coach and, in many respects, an innovator who pioneered developments in polo that we now regard as obvious.” James Kennedy Waterford, 2003.
      "Playmaker Polo is the best structured and most complete book ever written on how to play Polo and improve your game".
      Hans Albrecht von Maltzahn, ex 4 goal player and now President of the German Polo Association.
      This book contains 350 pages of dense and technical information.
      Available Worldwide USA The Tackeria Britain : Riders and Squires, 8 Thackeray St London W8 5ET; 00442079374377.
      Aside from numerous complimentary calls, letters and emails received by the author, the book is rated 5 stars on
      Hugh Evans , founder of polo contacts calls it "Brilliant and favourite book".


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    • Veterinary tips (11)

      You can find here the Poloconsult veterinary tips for your polo pony. Each time, we will give you advice for the different issues you may have with your pony (diseases, injuries, food, horse specialists, how to make one's horse travel, etc.).







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      jaimeYou have some questions? You need an advice? Contact us to have the opinion of the Argentinian Lt Colonel, Jaime Oubiña, international referee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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